Thriving School Leaders

Thriving as a school leader isn’t easy – there are often too many other priorities and demands to give it any focus - but it really matters.

leaders make the difference

Many school leaders put their own well-being low on the list of things to be paid attention to given the incessant operational and strategic demands of their dynamic environment.  By the time students, staff, parents, governors and other local stakeholders have what they need there isn’t much time left.

But my own research suggests that the leader has a significant impact on the ability of those around them to thrive. As a school leader this process is amplified – if your staff are thriving then you are creating an environment where students can do the same. Leaders can thrive and encourage others to thrive by providing a trusting supportive safe environment and then ‘getting out of the way’ – giving freedom in which people can find challenge, ownership and meaning. To do this, leaders need to develop a resilient, energised and authentic leadership style that they can sustain over time – and that takes work.

Developing thriving school leaders

All About Thriving can provide support to school leaders, and aspiring school leaders, as they do this work – developing greater insight into their leadership style and how to get the best out of themselves and others. This could be in the form of one-to-one coaching, webinars and leadership training that can be combined and tailored to create a programme to meet your specific needs and context.


Creating a thriving school where every member of the community has the opportunity to do their best is no simple task. An environment where the adults who support young people can thrive in their work is a great place to start.

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